“I took part in a lot of extracurriculars in school but didn’t carry that spirit forward after coming to college. From competing in the National Science Exhibition thrice and winning to designing F1 cars with the entire testing modules in 8th grade, innovating came naturally to me. Entering high school, I felt that coding gave me a tool to express my thoughts.

Starting college meant starting over in many aspects. In the process of deciding on a college, I happened to go to IIIT-D for an open house. Seeing students trying to develop apps and websites for their college, doing projects in AR, and just innovating freely, in general, left me in awe.

At a point in time, I lost the thrill of ideation in between meeting new people and attending events. The results of my first mid-semester exams were the wake-up call; I needed to get back on track. Four months into my first year, I realized that the technology-oriented culture I was looking for didn’t quite exist. I liked trying to bring new ideas to life and wanted to create a positive impact in whatever way I could.

Getting to know about teams like ‘Kamikaze’ was thrilling to me. At the time, they were developing a project that could present brainwaves and the calculations related to them. There came a point in time I started participating in hackathons. The IIIT-D and NASA hackathon were some of the best competitions I’ve ever been to.

Trying to kick start a blog and a maker space in Thapar taught me that it takes a lot of effort and nurturing to start and stick to an idea until it grows into a full-fledged concept. Using this and the very cluttered process of getting information about anything in college, I’ve been working on an integrated website that has everything from societies and cultural events, classes, and the minute details of college all in one place.”

Shreshth Arora IIIrd Year, COE Batch of 2022