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Life is Fragile Isn’t it ?

One Day you just don’t wake up. Just like that, Poof! . Your ability to affect the stream of reality as it happens has vanished or is it ?

The ones that love us repent the absence of soul that our body resided in. Our existence has just converted to an idea, emotion and memories in the minds of people.

We have existence in different planes of reality. We only get to experience the ones through our senses but there are other dimensions of existence too.

Think about it, If your existence gets converted in form of an idea, Your physical existence would never see the light of the day but you will continue to stride on as an idea. An idea is quite infectious like a virus and whatever you focus and give your lives towards you becomes the core of this idea. And it can spread, fast and be contagious. You therefore keep on existing in the minds.

P.S. Just Food For thought!

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