Originaly Posted on Thinker’s Atelier blog in 2015

Once a great wise man said

“success is the SLAVE of hard work”.

Though there has been a debate on whether ‘Hard work’ or ‘Smart work’ leads to success. It is all your opinion how you take it. But I personally believe that diligence leads to success. Our aim should not be to get success at things but willingness to perform the task with intelligence and hard work. A dignified and consistent goal with complete devotion and passion is the tool to achieve success.

Actually success is rebound capability and potential of yours when you hit the stone of ‘FAILURE’. History is flooded with the examples of people who dared to face the failure, reformed themselves and got themselves on the right path and reached their APEX.

Abraham Lincoln himself lost elections15 times but his hope never died and he became the 16th President of U.S.A on February 12, 1809 .

Sir Thomas Alva Edison was called a stupid person when he was young, even expelled from school at the age of 10 years but as Aristotle said “every genius has a tincture of madness” he created thefirst electric BULB of the world. undeterred from his goal,he tried his experiments at least a 1000 times and ultimately was successful in his innovation .Today everyone respects him with the word ‘Sir’ along his name.

Walt Disney; the famous cartoonist wasfired off from newspaper because he was believed not to have good IDEAS . Today every child loves to watch MICKEY MOUSE and his friends.(Walt Disney’s creation )

Although as a teenager ,this guy wasdropped from his high school’s Basketball team , his determination,devotion and passion transformed him into all time Basketball player . he is none other than Michael Jordan.

Can you think of a tea vendor becoming the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy? It sounds Impossible but Impossible itself says I’m possible and so happened that ‘Narendra Damordas Modi’ became the P.M. of India. His ability to implement his innovative thoughts for the welfare of masses rewarded him with deserving seat.

Think of a person at a gas filling station;dreaming of owning his refinery and making his dreams true. YES! It happened‘Dhiru Bhai Ambani ‘had only RS.500 but he did anything to transform his ambitions into reality and the result is in front of us today.

People love your work , dream with your eyes wide open ,focus at your goals , remain undeterred from the backward push and failure you will face ,keep on trying and one day you will get SUCCESS .

Thanks for reading Shreshth Arora