So what’s the catch?

I already have a main site it is currently more on introductory site but the markdown way of generating websites sounded super duper fun to me so here i am on a Terminal Theme website that i generated using Hugo. I really Hope to maintain it. Only time will tell.

What will I be posting here?

  • Thoughts and Ideas
  • Details and working about projects I currently on!
  • Developer Stuff and Open Source Contribution.
  • Solutions to problems I ran into
  • Occasionaly Witty Stories and a part time blog

P.S. It will mostly be professional posts here but can be real and raw at times.

What’s Going on !

Well I created this website as a record for stuff I did in quarantine Though I am starting today on 25th of May 2020 instead of 24th of March 2020. Better Late than never.

I am currently Working on multiple projects and struggling with sleep problems that are quite prevelant in quarantine era i am.

I am Hoping to come out sane from this quarantine Era the world has come too. Who knows what is going to happen ?

This Website somewhere reflects me.

Hope it gives a clear reflection