Originaly Posted on Thinker’s Atelier blog in 2015

It was a quiet, cold and dark night ,like in winters when all retire to bed early. Suddenly a shock jerked the people out of their beds. It was a distinguishable voice of water thrashing the building. I opened my eyes and saw that the whole building was vibrating. My sister was on the floor trying to get up.

Suddenly the whole building seemed to be moving in east direction. As the building gained some momentum,noise of things colliding with each other was heard. I tightly held my blanket and pillow on my face. Few seconds later there was something hitting the pillow. When my eyes opened I found myself in a hospital room .

‘Where I am?’ I asked inquestively

She told me that I was about in a hospital room far away from my home. My right and left arm were broken . I was trying to move but it pained a lot.

‘Where is my family?’ I asked

There was silence.

‘You are one of the few survivors’

Tears broke into my eyes. Flashes of moments with each one started to come again and again. The world looked dark. A vignette was seen all around. The nurse tried to console me.

‘ It was Almighty’s wish to save you , you have some special work on earth’ the nurse said.

I was just crying. I heard some recognizeable voice saying ‘wake up,wake up’ repeatedly. And it was my mom. I was on my very bed I was sleeping on. Nothing had happened . IT WAS JUST A DREAM. I hugged my mom tightly and started crying bitterly . I thanked god for making me realise the importance of my family.