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I took to the streets today.

2 weeks of not leaving the boundary just puts you off in a lot of ways. So I today pulled up the upbeat music and went for a walk just for 100 m and honestly I haven’t filled poetic and surge in emotions in so many days. It was like exploring a whole new place even though I have seen this place for nearly every day in 10 years.

As I went the dawn started to climb and the birds chirped all the way through both the ears. The crows made sure they were alive too. The cats made eye contacts as if they were expecting me to feed them with milk or something and the dogs just wondering where did the hooman pooped up from. The road filled with too many brown leaves as if people had vacated the whole place and we were in an post apocalypse era. A Lonesome Gaurd on the street wondered what the heck made this guy act as if he is in a music video and he is so jolly and hopefull and hoping around. The cold morning breeze gushed by and trust me I have never felt such cleaner air in streets of Delhi before.

I hadn’t felt so poetic in such a long time.

In Pablo Neruda’s Words:

It would be an exotic moment
without rush, without engines,
we would all be together,
in a sudden strangeness,

I read and visualised this exoticness he talked about today I felt the feeling to core of my heart. It has been days something like this has happened.

I might continue writing more because I pondered a lot about many things while taking this walk but honestly just wanna say we all are in this together and when we come out of this, the world will be broken and unstable but there lies a bigger opportunities hidden beneath it.

Stay Inside Home Stay Strong!

Shreshth Arora

The Above photo is original and is copyright of Shreshth Arora